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Felton Crews - Chicago Bassist Muddy Waters 100 CD

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Hello World, thought I'd share this with you.
What wonderful young talent coming our way in the very near future. Proud to be a part of Fernando Jones and The Blues Kids Of America. Enjoy !!classroom-culture/cvjq
Felton Crews - Chicago Bassist Had a Great time recording this project. The CD is a perfect blend of soul, blues, and grit. #Feel it !
Title : Ragged & Dirty
Musician : Devon Allman
Label : Ruf Records GmbH
Year : 2014
Felton Crews - Chicago Bassist It was an honor working on this CD with Guy, and all the talented musicians, especially my old friends Jimmy Johnson and Studebaker John. Mellow Session !
Musician : Guy Bélanger
Title : Blues Turn
Label : BROS
Year : 2014
Also Coming Soon...
The Release of The 100th Anniversary Muddy Waters Tribute CD, with many guest artist Featuring Chicago's Own John Primer, and The Late Great Johnny Winter. Felton is playing bass on this one also.
Felton Crews
Felton Crews - Chicago Bassist
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Felton Crews - Chicago Bassist